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Affiliate Marketing Turned Him Into A Giant Killer.

As we know; "opportunities" for Affiliate Marketing and How to make money on the Internet are limitless. Literally millions flock online daily in search of the "dream". For the most part; these hopefuls are confused as to where to start. They are convinced to follow either advanced, outdated, or incomplete marketing strategies and systems, offered by wealth driven Internet Marketing "Gurus."

As a consequence many fail to make a go of it. Unfortunately most newbies are set up to fail. This speaks strongly to the underbelly of hard nosed business and those who willingly embrace and indulge in taking full advantage of people, new to Internet business. Many new Marketers quit disillusioned, frustrated and broke. Never to return."

Enter the owner of Google Snatch who by his own admission is not a "Guru". He sees himself as a normal "average Joe." He prides himself on being down-to-earth and honest. A man who well understands the plight of the Newbie marketer and the luckless. Firstly, it is a find of monumental proportions that this humble and forthright man has discovered the solution to end the absolute problem of "how" to make money online F-ree.

Like you, I have heard it all before. Needless to say, I cannot recall a time when anyone sat down and showed me a step by step blueprint to make real money on the internet. Not one that actually worked anyhow. My experience like most; is that genuine, simple, easy, low cost, money making systems do not exist. Not in this life anyway. :) Furthermore it applies double to free money making ideas.

We all know, that nobody in their right mind would show you. Even if such a system existed. Especially if it involved; not spending a single hard earned penny or cent on advertising. Just Another of this man's matter-of-fact claims.

Again; this man quietly outlines his technique as simplicity itself. He affirms the system can be used by anyone, to create considerable financial gain in small niche markets. He goes on to say that it is 100% free. There is no cost. Unfortunately, there is a known down side to this story. The "down" side is that; this man turned a killer. Indeed I have experienced this all first hand. My Research findings tell it all.

How this man turned a simple ingenious money making system into a killer. A system so powerful that when unleashed; can be used to devastating effect. He uses this killer system to compete and dominate the most highly aggressive markets. Markets targeted only by global corporations, with unlimited human and financial resources. All without Adwords, Pay Per Click Marketing, or a budget. He does this 100% free. Not one dollar spent at all. Yes, this is the genuine, rare, 100% free to set up and operate programme to making money online.

To recap, clarify and expand on this system. This man has a simple system on how to make money online. Anyone can use this complete step by step blueprint. It has zero set up costs and is 100% free to run. It is quick to index on the Search Engines. It is extremely viable in niche markets. Traffic is driven to your site quickly and is absolutely 100% free.

You can even do this without a website or a Blog. You do not need a list. And the system is a killer that can make this meek and mild man, destroy the biggest competitors in Corporate markets.

It sounds incredible, It sounds amazing, it even sounds unbelievably good. Through solid Research and trial, I have uncovered what everyone says; is not possible. What everyone says; cannot work. What everyone says; the key elements must have been left out. What everyone says; if it is true, then it would cost hundreds yea thousands of dollars.

These are the points (above) that are not true. I give this my full Researcher endorsement. Every single claim made by this humble man, an honest average Joe; in regards to this blueprint is 100% true. As it would be. If this man was not so down to earth and humble I would call him a genius. Remember you heard it here from the Researcher first.

All it takes to restore your faith in human nature, is one act of kindness from one person. One meaningful gesture. One honest word. One genuine offer. I cannot say much more than that.

This man makes a five figure income for absolutely 100% free. See for yourself; you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember, it is a free system to set up and operate; a blueprint that makes real money, absolutely free. Purchase price only and no tricks. You will love it! you wanted it, now you have it! No hype, no BS.

Yes, I am singing the praises of Google Snatch a fair bit. As a person who knows it delivers all it says it will, I am more than happy to tell it like it is. All it takes is some time, some work and to take action and follow the blueprint exactly. You will succeed. If you so wish; you can have a giant killer on your hands.

In his own words and I quote:

"Most Marketers are afraid to compete in big markets. Corporations (companies) have millions of dollars invested in manpower and huge cash reserves to demolish all competition. What that really tells me, is that BIG companies have much more money than they have sense!

With this system; there is absolutely no need to spend a million dollars to make money online. Particularly If you have a system and a formula that is 100% free. (The FREE Click Formula) Why would anyone waste money on paid clicks, paid advertising, costly web resources and set up costs, when they could do it all for 100% free.

Now the alternative is inside Google Snatch! It only takes 60 minutes for the world to see your Google Snatch ad. PLUS; you don’t pay a single cent for a click. For that matter you will never again pay for a click- ever! Once you have discovered these techniques. So; you could say this is the REAL get your Google ads free!

Google Snatch at present costs next to nothing! So go over to the website now before your competitors use this method to destroy you. If you don't, I and the others will and we will still be making money! Even worse; do it before this valuable one-of-a-kind resource runs out?" Take your Affiliate Marketing and How To Make Money On The Internet Opportunity

Never pay for Google ads ever again and let the world see your site within 60 minutes!
Nice one: Affiliate Marketing And How To Make Money Online. To your success,


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What is Affiliate Marketing?

How To: Make a living as an affiliate by Terry Telford

How To: Make a living as an affiliate © copyright Terry Telford

95% of all affiliates make $0 - $100 a year. I don't know about you, but in my books, this is not a living. In this quick "How To" guide, we'll take a look at how you can become part of the 5% who ARE making their living online. This guide does not guarantee that you'll make a fortune, but it will point you in the right direction if you're interested in making a living as an affiliate.

1. Mindset: Get in touch with your grey matter. Program your mind with positive, committed thoughts. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. It sounds a bit like a sales seminar, but bottom line is, if you don't believe you can make a living online, you won't. You have to be committed. Commit to yourself that you will develop an income online - no matter what it takes. Think of your business as a bacon and eggs breakfast. The chicken was involved, the pig was committed!

2. Viewpoint: This is your business. Once you've accomplished your first hurdle and committed yourself to making this work, you have to look at your business from the proper viewpoint. No rose coloured glasses here. This is your business. You are the CEO of your own marketing company. You can choose to offer your services to one or several companies. Bottom line, you are responsible for every action in your company. Every decision you make affects your bottom line.

3. Learning Curve: Expect it. Becoming an affiliate is like going to college or university. You start at the beginning, learn the basics and build on what you learn. Take it step-by-step and you'll build a much stronger business. Think of it like becoming a doctor. One doesn't decide to become a doctor with the expectation of opening a successful practice one week from now. It takes time to learn the products or services you're marketing and it takes time to learn to run your business.

4. Budget: Time and money. Set a general budget for both. As a business owner, you'll use plenty of time developing and promoting your affiliate business. Budget as much time as you can each day and make sure you use your time wisely. Set up a budget for your monetary expenses too. You can run a business online with a shoestring budget, just don't expect a mammoth income in the beginning. The more you can invest in your business, the better. This doesn't mean that simply throwing money at your business will make it grow. Every dollar that goes out your door, needs to come back in and bring another dollar with it.

5. Goals: s/he shoots - s/he scores! Your goals will get you through the tough times. There'll be lots of days when you feel like quitting. If you make your goals tangible, you'll make it through the tough days. Money isn't a motivator, but what money can buy, is. Set your goals for a family vacation, a new car, boat, or home. It's much easier to get excited about a shiny red corvette in your driveway than $100,000 sitting in your bank account. Money is only numbers on a piece of paper or a computer screen, but it can bring you a luxurious lifestyle, and that's where the fun is.

6. Nuts and Bolts: Once you've got your house in order, with the proper mindset, you're looking at your business from a realistic viewpoint, you've got an open mind and you're ready to learn, you've set aside some time and money and you've got pictures of your dream house, car and vacation plastered on your wall, you're ready to go hunting. The next step is to find a business that interests you and offers an affiliate program with a reasonable commission. For information products, one of the most popular and profitable online, you can and should expect a commission of 25% or more.

Pick a product that interests you. Buy it and use it. Your business is based on your recommendations of a product or service. If you haven't used it, how can you recommend it? Running around in circles after the newest, hottest selling product of the day, only leaves you dizzy and broke. If you like astronomy, becoming an affiliate of a star chart company may be a good fit. Selling women's pantyhose may not.

7. Look before you leap: Finding a company to represent as an affiliate is one thing, finding a company that respects its affiliates is another. Do a bit of research before you jump on the bandwagon. Send an email to the company as if you're a potential customer. 24 - 48 hours is a good response time. This shows that someone is actually running the company. It also gives you an idea of their commitment. Generally, the faster the response, the more committed the company is to doing business. The quality of the response is also important. Did the response answer your question? Was it written in a friendly, professional manor? Did they answer your question directly or simply send you to a FAQ sheet?

8. Flip the switch: If everything checks out up to this point, then your next step is to take action. Fill out the affiliate application form and get your affiliate URL. Now the ball is in your court. It's time to get down to brass tacks. If you freeze now, you make no money and flush your goals down the toilet. If you take action, you make it one step closer to your goals.

9. If you build it - they will come: OK not really, but you do have to build it. If you want to maximize your income and be taken seriously, you need to own a website. Just like a brick and mortar business, you need a professional location to offer your products. Yes, you get an affiliate URL when you sign up as an affiliate, but promoting an affiliate link looks amateur and will help you LOSE 98% of your sales. We'll cover this in point 10.

10. Follow-up = Sales: Only 2% of your prospects will sign up or buy what you're offering, on their first visit. 98% of your sales will be made from your follow up. There's a very simple method for following up and making sales automatically.

i. Check your favourite search engine to locate a free ebook, software program or report that relates to your offer. If you're promoting a website that sells peanut butter, a free peanut butter recipe book would be a good match. Your give-away must always relate to the product you're promoting to maximize the results of this system.

ii. Build a page on your website to give away your free peanut butter recipe book. Design the page as if you were designing a sales page. Make people's mouths water until they want the recipes so bad they'd gladly pay for them, but then give it to them free. All they have to do is fill in their name and email address in the simple form and you'll send their recipe book to them instantly via email.

iii. As soon as your peanut butter prospect fills out the form on your site and clicks the send button, they are taken to your affiliate URL where they can buy peanut butter. At the same time, the peanut butter recipe book is sent to their email address.

iv. Now your peanut butter prospect receives an email from you each week with new tips and useful peanut butter information. This information positions you as a peanut butter expert and gives you the opportunity to promote your peanut butter affiliate website once a week, to hot prospects. This is where you'll make 98% of your sales.

Although this may seem like an overwhelming amount of work for the beginner, it's all very simple. The whole process is run from an autoresponder, a simple piece of email software that automatically sends your prewritten email messages on a predetermined schedule.

Your success as an affiliate is determined by you. 95% of the people that read this simple How To guide will do nothing with it. 5% of the people that read this guide will put all the pieces in place and start making a living as an affiliate. All you have to decide is which side of the coin you want to be on.


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